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Your weekly time sheet is an official record of the Commonwealth and, as such, is subject to examination by the auditors. Please observe the following:

·         Do not make photocopies – please use originals (blank time sheets can be obtained from the Payroll Office).

·         Time sheets must be completed in either blue or black ink.

·         Time sheets must be signed by both the employee and supervisor PRIOR to submission to the Payroll Office every Thursday by 8:00 a.m. In the event your supervisor is not available, please submit your time sheet to the next higher supervisory level person in your area.

·         All changes/corrections to time sheets submitted on Thursday must be made via e-mail to attendance@worcester.edu or in person in the Payroll Office as soon as possible, but no later than 11:00 a.m. on the following Monday. Any changes affecting gross pay (e.g. overtime) must be submitted by the employee’s supervisor.NO CHANGES WILL BE ACCEPTED VIA VOICE MAIL OR PHONE CALLS.

·         If you will be on vacation (or pre-approved sick leave), please submit your time sheet before you leave. This will allow accurate reporting of your leave and appropriate accrual.

Other issues to keep in mind:

·         For those employees who work shifts or overtime, it is important to designate “AM” or “PM” on your time sheets in order to calculate your shift differential correctly.

·         Because we have to manually track holidays and snow days, it is important to identify each holiday and/or snow day that you use.

·         Please use your 6-digit Employee ID number on your time sheets (and all payroll paperwork). Your employee ID can be found in the top center section of your pay advice next to your name. This is the only way the Payroll Office staff can access your record in HR/CMS.

·         Please record any and all overtime (not Paid Detail) on the weekly time sheets. Do not attach separate overtime sheets.

·         It is important for part-time administrators to indicate the number of hours worked (as well as the number of hours used, if any) in weeks that contain a holiday.

·         If the deadline is near, please hand-deliver time sheets to the Payroll Office as interoffice mail may take 2 or 3 days to arrive.

·         It is important to fill out your time sheet completely including using the appropriate leave codes and tallying hours worked or used – especially on partial days.

If you have any questions or if there are special circumstances that are not covered by these time sheets, please contact Renée Metterville (ext. 8079 or rmetterville@worcester.edu) in the Payroll Office. In Renée’s absence, please feel free to contact any other members of the Payroll Staff. Any questions regarding faculty timesheets or attendance records should be directed to Valerie Kelley (ext. 8665 or vkelley@worcester.edu).

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