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Tuition Waiver

Regular benefited employees are entitled to a tuition waiver for themselves and dependent family members for all courses offered at a state or community college or university as described in the Board of Higher Education Tuition Remission Policy.

·         New employees must complete a six (6) month waiting period before applying for the waiver.


·         For state-funded courses (day school), 100% of the tuition is waived. For non-state funded courses (DGCE), 50% of the tuition is waived.


·         This benefit waives tuition costs only. Employees are responsible for all fees and housing costs.


·         A Tuition Waiver Form is required for each family member who is attending a state higher education institution. A new form is required every semester and must be submitted with the tuition bill.


·         Forms are available in the Human Resources Office and must be completed by the employee and signed by the immediate supervisor and Director of Human Resources.

For further information, please contact the Human Resources Office at 508-929-8666 or click on the link at the left.

The Massachusetts Board of Higher Education's website has a list of the state and community colleges and universities with links to each campus. Click here to go the Board of Higher Ed's website.

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