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Philosophy: A brief guide for undergraduates


The Philosophy Department maintains a set of Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs). Each course is designed to support some or all of these SLOs, and the program overall supports all SLOs.

  Philosophy Department SLOs

Approved 12-21-10

 1.  Regarding argumentation and evidence, students will:

 1.1  Recognize, analyze, and assess arguments presented in readings, discussions, and other sources, such as newspaper editorials.

 1.2  Construct arguments in which premises logically connect to conclusions.

 1.3  Appreciate, evaluate, and employ scientific and social scientific evidentiary standards. 

 1.4  Identify or formulate alternative viewpoints, concepts, lines of argument, or interpretations of presented viewpoints, concepts, lines of argument, or interpretations, when those alternatives are not given.

 2.  Regarding historical and theoretical frameworks, students will:

 2.1  Develop knowledge of one major period in the history of philosophy.

 2.2  Develop understanding, ability to discuss, and ability to evaluate major theories and concepts in metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, political philosophy, and/or aesthetics.

2.3  Interpret philosophical texts in order to recognize, explicate, and critique a range of plausible meanings of each text.

2.4  Comprehend, represent, appraise, and sometimes resolve conceptual tensions among distinct metaphysical, etc., theories.

 3.  Philosophy beyond the discipline, students will:

 3.1  Develop critical questions about mainstream points of view and assumptions about the world, human beings, etc.

 3.2  Appreciate and appraise the role and impact of philosophical analysis and inquiry in other disciplines, such as the physical sciences, medicine, religion, etc.

 3.3  Examine and appraise claims about causal relations that are held to produce scientific knowledge or historical, social, cultural, and political developments.

 3.4  Identify, comprehend, appraise, and/or apply multiple theories of ethical or social responsibility.


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