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Francisco J. Lamelas

Contact Information
Associate Professor
Worcester State University
Department of Physical & Earth Sciences
486 Chandler Street
Worcester, MA 01602
Office: ST410K
Phone: (
508) 929-8553
mail: flamelas@worcester.edu

1985-90:  Ph.D.,  Physics,  The University of Michigan,  Ann Arbor
Thesis:   Growth and X ray Scattering Studies of Epitaxial Cobalt Superlattices
1980-82: M.S.,  Materials Science,  The University of Wisconsin,  Madison
1977-80: B.S.,  Applied Math & Physics,  The University of Wisconsin,  Milwaukee

Teaching Interests
Current Courses
PY 112:  Physics in Art
PY 114:  Physics of Waves
PY 221/222:  General Physics I / II
PY 240:  Optics
PY 241/242:  Physics I / II
PY 310:  Introduction to Modern Physics
PY/CH 360:  Introduction to Materials Science
NS 400:  Natural Science Seminar

Worcester Art Museum Tour
Sudha Swaminathan and I have developed a physics tour of the Worcester Art Museum, titled Physics at WAM. The tour guide is available here: Physics at WAM.

Research Projects
My research focuses on the experimental study of crystal growth from solution at high pressure.  Custom-made moissanite anvil cells are used to produce temperature-controlled high-pressure sample environments.  Time-lapse images of growing crystals are acquired using optical microscopy.  The index of refraction of solutions at high pressure is measured using a rotating Fabry-Perot spectroscopy technique.  Recent index measurements for ammonium iodide solutions are given in F. J. Lamelas, J. Phys. Chem. B 117, 2789 (2013).  Other publications are listed here.

Massachusetts Space Grant Consortium
Worcester State University is a member of the Massachusetts Space Grant Consortium, with local representatives Sudha Swaminathan and Frank Lamelas.  WSU students who are U.S. citizens can submit proposals for stipends supporting research projects carried out with WSU faculty.  The research projects should be connected in some way with NASA objectives.  Interested students or faculty should contact Swaminathan or Lamelas.
Link to Massachusetts Space Grant Consortium:  http://www.maspacegrant.org/

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