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Faculty in the department are very active in research both in the local area as well as nationally and internationally. Students are encouraged to get involved in research with faculty members in through coursework, Independent Study classes and in the various funded research projects in the department.  


Some of the ongoing research projects are listed below.


  • Enhancing Diversity in the Geosciences; a National Science Foundation sponsored project to improve Earth Science education and attract underrepresented groups to geoscience careers. – Allison Dunn, Bill Hansen and Stephen Healy
  • Carbon sequestration in boreal forests, study conducted at Harvard Forest in Petersham. MA – Allison Dunn.
  • Coupling between human and natural systems with respect to carbon in Central and Eastern Massachusetts. – Allison Dunn 
  • Historical Changes in Hydrography in the Lower Passaic River resulting from the cessation of dredging and the implication for long term stability of buried contaminated sediments. – Bill Hansen
  • Impact of the December 2008 Ice Storm on the Central Massachusetts forests, analyzed through field studies and remotely sensed imagery. – Bill Hansen
  • The Spiritual and Secular Geography of Native Peoples in the Mountains of the Southeastern U.S:, Judaculla Rock and the pre-Cherokee people of  Collowhee, North Carolina. - Douglas Frink
  • Social Marketing and Spatial Analysis of the EMPOWER Biodiesel Cooperative: A Collaborative Participatory Action Research Project – Stephen Healy
  • Positronium formation in polarized positron-atom collisions. Angular-momentum coupling and density-matrix techniques are used to predict the probabilities of forming para and ortho positronium in single collisions between a polarized positron beam and an atomic target. – Sudha Swaminathan
  • Understanding the stability of the Antarctic Ice Sheet: past, present, and future - Doug Kowalewski

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