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Geography Narrative

Geography program offers a diversity of courses that examine the occurrence, distributions and interactions of natural and cultural features on the earth. These courses can be divided into four broad areas.

  • Physical Geography explores how the earth works including the interactions of the four spheres; lithosphere (solid earth) atmosphere, biosphere and hydrosphere.
  • Cultural Geography examines the interactions of human societies and the environment they occupy.
  • Energy Studies courses examine global energy resources and future scenarios for replacing fossil fuels with sustainable energy resources and more efficient use of energy.
  • Geotechnology classes teach the use and application of technical tools for spatial analysis, one of the fundamental analyses that all branches of geography examine,

Department members conduct research in areas such as Global Climate change, Sustainability as well as other local and global environmental issues. Opportunities exist for student participation in research as well as internships with local agencies and organizations.

Students in the Geography Program will, upon completion of their degree:

1.   Understand the earth as a set of interconnected, dynamic physical and human systems.

2.   Understand the spatial distribution of human and physical phenomena and the processes driving spatial relationships

3.   Demonstrate competence in skills and techniques for observing, measuring, modeling and representing earth systems.

4.   Demonstrate basic geographic literacy





  Association of American Geographers
  US Geological Survey’s National Map
  National Geographic
  State of Massachusetts MassGIS
  Pre-medical / Pre- dental

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