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Treat Your ATM Card Like Cash: always keep your card in a safe place. Your card is access to your money.

Keep Your PIN Number a Secret: Your ATM card will only work with your PIN. Memorize your code. Never write your PIN on your card, tell your code to anyone, or allow anyone to enter your code.

Hold on to ATM receipts: Receipts are packed with information. A good thief can use that information. Save receipt to use when checking against monthly account statement, then either file or destroy it. Never leave it at ATM.

If drive to ATM and Park, Lock all Doors: Keep your keys handy so you can enter your car quickly after completing your transaction. It is best to lock the doors to keep out unwanted visitors.

Be aware of Your Surroundings: Take notice of anyone who does not appear to be there for banking purposes. Be alert, especially if there are two or more people in a nearby vehicle, particularly if no one is at the ATM, or someone appears to be "hanging" around the area.

When Entering Password, Block view: Position yourself so that people around you cannot see the key pad. You don't want others to see your code or to see what type of transaction you make, or how much money you withdraw.

If You Sense Something Wrong LEAVE: Go to another ATM. Being aware of a potential situation will allow you to avoid it. Avoidance will keep you safe.

When Using ATM Expect Your Space to be Respected: If you are using the ATM and someone is closer than you would like, ask them to step back a few steps. If they do not step back, it may be best to cancel your transaction and wait in your locked vehicle until that person leaves or go to another ATM.

Be Prepared Before Approaching ATM: Have your card ready, know your code , fill out your deposit slip envelope before approaching ATM.

When In Line Respect Space: When waiting in line, stay well behind the person or persons using the ATM.

If Using ATM after Dark, Use a Friend: Many ATM robberies occur between midnight and 6 a.m.

When Using Drive-Up, Keep Doors Locked: Keep all windows closed, except the one you are using, and all the doors. Keep the car running, and keep your eyes moving, watching the front, sides and rear area; if someone suddenly approaches your vehicle on foot, cancel the transaction and leave.

When Finished with Transaction Take All Your Property: Take your card, receipt, money etc... and put them in your pocket or purse and leave immediately. You can count your money later.

If You Feel Someone Followed You: Go to the closest business and call the police.

Report All ATM Crimes to the Local Police and Financial Institute: The police and financial institute work together. Any reported ATM crimes means closer surveillance. Police will patrol area to prevent future crime and catch thieves.


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