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Bike Patrol Unit 

The bike unit consists of three specially equipped Police mountain bikes.
The bike unit officers are selected on a voluntary basis. The bikes can be seen in use throughout the year when it is safe to ride and when staffing allows for it.

Feel free to stop an officer for any reason. The purpose of the program is to make officers more accessible and to utilize them more effectively when patrolling our campus.    

Bike Patrol Leader, Lt. Jay Kapurch: Lt. Jason Kapurch was one of the first two certified bike patrol officers for Worcester State University. Lt. Kapurch was selected as the bike patrol unit leader for both his enthusiasm and interest in bringing the program to the campus.  In June of 2000, Lt. Kapurch attended C.O.B.W.E.B. training and soon after the campus saw its first bike patrol unit in action. You may reach Lt. Kapurch at jkapurch@worcester.edu.


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