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Operation  I. D. 

What is Operation ID?

Operation ID is a state-wide program designed to discourage burglary and theft of valuables. It also provides a way for you to easily identify stolen property. Most burglars steal valuables for resale. So, if you mark all items with permanent identification numbers, the burglar may be unable to sell them. If a criminal knows all your valuables are marked, he will look for easier and more profitable victims.   

How do you join Operation ID?

You may borrow an engraving tool from the WSU University Police Office by allowing them to keep your Student Identification Card until you return the engraver. You can also request an officer to accompany you to do the engraving with you. An appointment might be necessary when you wish to have an officer assist you with this. The engraver is used to etch your Driver's License Number and State Abbreviation onto your valuables.

List any items you engrave on to the form provided by University Police. You may wish to make an additional copy of your Personal Property Record to keep on file at your permanent address.

It is also a good idea to place inconspicuous identifying marks on clothing, furs, etc... Jewelry, silverware and other items that may be damaged by engraving should be photographed and recorded.

What should I mark?                         

Appliances, Bikes, Cameras, Clocks, Stereos, Computers, VCRs, Keyboards, Monitors, TVs, Radios, etc......


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