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Community Notification of Sex Offender Information

In accordance with state and federal law, the University is required to advise the campus community where information concerning registered sex offenders may be obtained. Information concerning Level 2 and Level 3 offenders is available to the general public by contacting your local Police Department or the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Sex Offender Registry Board, located at P.O. Box 4547 Salem, MA 01970-4547, (978) 740-6400. Level 3 offender information is also online at (www.mass.gov/sorb) or any Police Department including the following:

Worcester State University Police
Wasylean Hall #102
486 Chandler Street
Worcester, MA  01602
Phone: 508-929-8911
Fax: 508-929-8153

Worcester Police Department
9-11 Lincoln Square
Worcester, MA  01608
Phone: 508-799-8600
Fax: 508-799-8680

As provided by law, the Worcester Police Department shall notify organizations, including the University, in the community that are likely to encounter an offender classified as a Level 3 offender or a sexually violent predator, and notify individual members of the public who are likely to encounter such an offender. Organizations in the community that are likely to encounter the sex offender include, but are not limited to, public and private organizations, areas and establishments which provide services of any type to children, the elderly, or other vulnerable members of the population.

Any Level 2 & 3 sex offender information provided to the University Police as required by law shall be maintained in the WSU Police Department. Upon request, the information shall be available for public inspection and upon written request, copies of Level 2 and 3 notices may be provided.

Individuals who complete a written request form for sex offender information will receive the same information that was provided to the University that may include the name of the offender, the home address, the work address, the offense(s) and date(s) for which the offender was convicted/adjudicated, and the offender's vital statistics, including age, sex, race, height, and weight and a photograph, if available.
In addition, the University will post notice of Level 3 sex offenders that are employees or enrolled students at the University. The postings will be at the WSU Police Department located in Wasylean Hall #102 and are available for public review.

The information the University has in its possession on sex offenders is provided to it by either the Worcester Police Department, other law enforcement agencies or the MA Sex Offender Registry Board. The University does not have access to or maintain a complete list of all registered sex offenders who may be attending or working at the University.

As provide by law, use of sex offender information to engage in illegal discrimination or harassment of an offender shall be punishable by not more than two and one-half years in the house of correction or by a fine of not more than $1,000 or by both such fine and imprisonment.

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