University Policies

Red Flag Policy – Identity Theft Prevention

Administration and Finance

Worcester State University complies with the Federal Trade Commission’s Red Flag Rule (16 CFR 681.2) to prevent the theft or misuse of identity information of staff students, faculty, or others who have relationships with the University to obtain educational or financial services.

I. Red Flag Procedure
The procedure is designed to identify accounts maintained by Worcester State University which may be susceptible to fraud (hereinafter “Covered Accounts”) identify possible indications of theft associated with those accounts (hereinafter “Covered Accounts”) and devise methods to detect such activity, respond appropriately when such activity is detected, and provide for continued administration of the procedure.

The services can include (but not limited to) registration, access to records, advising counseling, financial aid, bursar and one card transactions. The University requires valid forms of identification when requesting services provided by Worcester State University identification cards, driver’s license or other government-issued identification (with photo).

Possible “Covered Accounts“ 
  1. Student refunds involving Federal and Non-Federal Loans
  2. One Card Purchases on campus and merchant locations off campus
  3. Collection agency accounts
  4. AMS Payment plan accounts

    Possible “Red Flag” Occurrences

    1. Issuing New One Card
    • A picture ID is mandatory to receive a new or replacement ID
    • Can only be done in person in One Card Office or Campus Police Office
    2. Change of Address
    • Can be done by using their Worcester State University e-mail account and emailing the Registrar Staff directly
    • Can be done in writing/fax with a signed, dated request to the Registrar's Office (signatures are verified against student records)
    • Can be done in person with picture ID
    3. Student A/R refunds
    • In order to pick up a refund in person, picture ID is required
    • If students does not request refund pickup, it is automatically mailed to the address of record or electronically deposited into account of students choice.

      Staff Responsibilities
      Personnel who regularly work with Covered Accounts and are responsible for performing the day-to-day application of the Program to a specific Covered Account by detecting and responding to Red Flags


      • Red Flag: A pattern, practice, of specific activity that indicates the possible existence of identity theft
      • Identity Theft: A fraud committed or attempted using the identifying information of another person without authority