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Worcester State University offers an advisory program for undergraduate students interested in preparing for medical, dental or veterinary studies.  Students interested in medicine or dentistry may pursue study in any of the academic majors of the University.  However, most undergraduates interested in medicine or dentistry major in biology and/or chemistry.  It is the obligation of the student(s) to check with the professional school(s) to which they intend to apply for exact requirements. Nearly all medical and dental schools require one year each of the following laboratory courses:  General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biology and Physics.  In addition, many schools require two years of a modern foreign language, one year of English (including composition), and Mathematics (including Calculus).  Regardless of major, the student is advised to select CH 120 and CH 121, General Chemistry I & II and BI 140 and BI 141, Introduction to Biology I & II, during his/her freshman year.  As soon as possible following his/her freshman year the student should select CH 201 and 202, Organic Chemistry I & II along with CH 203 and 204, Organic Chemistry Laboratory I & II as well as PY 221 and 222 (or PY 241/242), General Physics I & II.

Students interested in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, optometry, podiatry or osteopathy should consult both his/her major advisor and the Chair of the Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental Advisory Committee as soon as possible following matriculation.  Students are advised to complete their science requirements before the end of their junior year and to take their national pre-professional exam (e.g., MCAT, DAT) during the Spring semester of their junior year.  During the junior year students must arrange an interview with the Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental Advisory Committee.  The current chair of the Pre-Medical Advisory Committee is : Dr. Margaret E. Kerr, Chemistry.

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