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We strongly recommend you take the time to see your advisor well before preregistration to review your courses and career goals. If you wait until preregistration, faculty will have limited time to assist you. Below you will find psychology “tic” sheets which outline the courses you must take to complete the major. Find the one that applies to you (based on when you declared psychology to be your major) and bring the completed tick sheet with you when meeting with your advisor.
Preregistration for spring semester 2012 will take place November 7 to 22. In the spring the college implemented a new system which will continue this semester. Seniors will sign up for major and minor courses on Nov. 7, Juniors on Nov. 8, Sophmores on Nov. 9 and Freshmen on Nov. 10. Be sure to see your advisor. You will not be permitted to sign up for Spring courses without documentation that you have been formally advised. Students will be signing up for general education courses by class as well. Preregistration will take place on: Nov. 14 for Seniors, Nov. 15 for Juniors, Nov. 16 for Sophmores, and Nov. 17 for Freshmen. Readjustments to schedules will take place on Nov. 18.
The following curriculum guides list the courses need to graduate with a degree in Psychology and the general education requirements.
The following are tic sheets for students who are double majors in psychology and education.
The following is a sheet outlining the requirements for students under LASC (admitted to the college from September 2009)

Once you have met with your advisor, your "pin" will be formally released and you will be permitted to sign into a course online or through the Registrar's Office during pre-registration. Your "pin" can only be released by the Psychology Department. Once pre-registration is over, all student "pins" are released and students are free to sign up for the courses that are still available.



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