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If you are to obtain a job in the field upon graduation, you should begin preparation shortly after declaring a major. Your decision of which subfield to specialize in does not mean that this will be the direction you need to take for the rest of your life. Once you obtain a job in the field, you can always look for other types of positions. It is not unusual for someone to be trained and begin working in one subfield and end up in another. However, it is important to begin looking at possible career tracks. Otherwise, the job you currently have may be the one you will be working at after graduation. To get an idea of the type of job that will most appeal to you, take a look at the different job listings in this section. Once you find a type of job that interests you, consider an internship in a related position. A list of agencies seeking interns is available by going to the Internship section of this web page.


Students who are currently working in a Psychology related position may be eligible to carry out an internship at their place of employment during regular work hours. See Dr. Richard Kimball for additional information. 


Looking for a job?

You should check out the Career Services webpage under "announcement and events" for a variety of career fairs and events that are coming up in the region: www.worcester.edu/CareerServices




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