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Richard Kimball

Contact Information

Office: Sullivan 241E
Phone: (508) 929-8644
Email: rkimball@worcester.edu


PhD - SUNY, Buffalo

AB - Dartmouth College


Area of Specialization

Dr. Kimball’s areas of interest and expertise are in psychological testing, industrial/organizational psychology, and the psychology of men.


Scholarly Activity



Kimball, R.K. and Hollander, E.P. (1974). Independence in the presence of an experienced by deviate group member.  Journal of Social Psychology, 93, 281-292.


Julian, J.W. and Kimball, R.K. (1972). Educational and occupational orientations of 10th and 12th grade students in Appalachian communities in New York.  Report to the Appalachian Regional Commission.


Julian, J.W. and Kimball, R.K.  (1970). Effects of task orientation and level or prior agreement on willingness to agree.  Pscyhonomic Science, 21, 213-215.



Kimball, R.K. (2002, March) Creating a course in the Psychology of Men and Masculinity.  Presented at the 15th Annual Conference on the Undergraduate Teaching of Psychology, Ellenville, NY.


Kimball, R.K. (1995, August) They Pay You to Work Here?  Stress in the Garden Workplace.  Presented at The American Association of Public Gardens and Arboreta.

(2001,March)  Creating a course on the psychology of men and masculinity. Paper presented at the 15th Annual Conference on Undergraduate Teaching of Psychology, Ellenville, N.Y.


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