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Faculty and Staff

Part of the college experience is getting to know your professors. Make a point of stopping in during their office hours (posted on their office door and on the course syllabus). Talking with your professors can lead to increased learning and possibly a better letter of recommendation when the time comes to apply to graduate school or for a job.

Department Chair:

Bonnie Kanner Ph.D., Professor and Department Chair

Office: S-241M

Phone: 508-929-8782

Email: bkanner@worcester.edu

Full-Time Faculty and Staff

Amy Cota-McKinley, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Office: S-241L

Phone: 508-929-8767

Email: acota@worcester.edu

Lori J. Dawson, Professor
Office: S-241H
Phone: 508-929-8765
Email: ldawson@worcester.edu

Bernard Guarini, C.A.G.S., Associate Professor

Office: S-242B

Phone: 508-929-8630

Email: bguarini@worcester.edu

Vrinda Kalia Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Office: S-241D
Phone: 509-929-8452
Email: Vrinda.Kalia@worcester.edu

Holly L. Ketterer Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Office: S 241 F

Phone: 508-929-8789
Email: hketterer@worcester.edu


Richard Kimball Ph.D., Associate Professor

Office: S-241E

Phone: 508-929-8644

Email: rkimball@worcester.edu

Lauren Mizock Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Office: S-241J

Phone: 508-929-8818

Email: lmizock@worcester.edu


Gail Racicot, Ph.D., Visiting Instructor

Office: S-241A

Phone: 508-929-8761

Email: gracicot@worcester.edu


Brandi Silver, Ph.D., Associate Professor  

Office: S-241J

Phone: 508-929-8763

Email: bsilver@worcester.edu  


Emily Soltano, Ph.D., Professor

Office: S-241K

Phone: 508-929-8764

Email: esoltano@worcester.edu


Champika K. Soysa, Ph.D., Professor

Office: S-241G

Phone: 508-929-8703

Email: csoysa@worcester.edu

Colleen Sullivan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Office: S-241N

Phone: 508-929-8800

Email: colleen.sullivan@worcester.edu


Seth Surgan, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Office: S-241D

Phone: 508-929-8626

Email: ssurgan@worcester.edu

Marc Wagoner, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Office: S-242D

Phone: 508-929-8617

Email: mwagoner@worcester.edu

Adjunct Faculty

Michelle Chunis, LICSW, PhD

Office: S-241N or S-241P

Email: michelle.chunis@worcester.edu


Richard Connors

Office: S-241N or S-241P

Email: richard.connors@worcester.edu


Andrea Dottolo, Ph.D.

Office: S-241A

Phone: 508-929-8616

Email: adottolo@worcester.edu 

Kevin Fenlon, MA

Office: SC326

Phone # 508-929-8454

Email: kfenlon@worcester.edu

Debra Gaston, Ph.D.

Office: SC 331 (student center)

Phone # 508-929-8851

Email: debra.gaston@worcester.edu


Stephen Lundrigan
Office: S-241N or S-241P

Email: Stephen.lundrigan@worcester.edu


Maryann Nalbandian

Office: S-241N or S-241P

Email: maryann.nalbandian@worcester.edu


Gail Racicot, PhD

Office: S-241F

Email: gail.racicot@worcester.edu


Nicole Fortin Santoro

Email: nsantoro@worcester.edu

S241N or S241P


Jennifer Trachtenberg, Ph.D. 

Office: S-241N of S-241P

Email: Jennifer.trachtenberg@worcester.edu


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