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Juniors and Seniors (60+ credits) who are interested in obtaining a job in the field upon graduation but do not have work experience should consider an internship. A list and description of agencies willing to take on interns from WSU is available.


List of internship sites [doc]

Internship Requirements

1. Update or create your resume
2. Decide on the type of site you would like to intern at by talking to your advisor or any psychology professors, visiting Career Services at WSU, and attending job fairs
3. Decide if you can devote 120 hours of your time to participate in an internship
4. Locate potential internship sites by: 
            a. Looking in the internship binders which are located at the Psychology Department front desk
            b. Doing a web search
5. Contact your potential internship site. You will probably be required to interview with that site.
6. Get a copy of the internship Registration Form from the Registrar’s office.
7. Contact internship coordinator, Dr. Kimball at rkimball@worcester.edu                                 

Internship Credit for Your Job 

Students who are currently working in a position related to Psychology may qualify for internship credit. The position must involve work duties that are responsible in nature. For example, filing forms for an agency would not qualify. Students should check with Dr. Richard Kimball (rkimball@worcester.edu) as to whether their jobs qualify for credit. Students would, of course, be required to complete the academic requirements associated with the internship.

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