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Lauren Mizock, PhD
Assistant Professor


Contact Information
Office number: Sullivan 241P
Phone: 508-929-8818
Email: lmizock@worcester.edu  

Ph.D., M.A. - Suffolk University, Clinical Psychology
B.A. - Oberlin College, Gender & Women’s Studies 

Areas of Specialization/Academic Interests
Cultural competence in clinical work and research
Transgender mental health care
Stigma and serious mental illness
Size acceptance  

Bio and Professional Highlights
Dr. Lauren Mizock is a clinical psychologist focused in psychotherapy, research, and education. Dr. Mizock was elected the Professional and Affiliate Representative of the Society of the Psychology of Women for 2013-2015 (Division 35 of the American Psychological Association). Dr. Mizock is a licensed psychologist in the state of Massachusetts and carries a small private practice of outpatient therapy clients in Cambridge, MA. She specializes in multicultural issues, serious mental illness, and substance abuse. Dr. Mizock typically uses the narrative therapy approach with clients to develop empowering and healing stories of their lives. Dr. Mizock is passionate about mentoring students interested in working in the field and integrates her clinical experiences into her teaching.

Dr. Mizock completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Boston University in mental illness research, and a predoctoral internship at the Center for Multicultural Training in Psychology at Boston Medical Center where she worked with people with serious mental illness and criminal charges, as well as low-income children and families. Dr. Mizock was also an outreach fellow in her doctoral program at Suffolk University, devoting her clinical and research focus to economically and socially underserved populations. Dr. Mizock has previous teaching experience at 7 colleges and universities in New England. She finds teaching to be one of the most rewarding and energizing parts of her day.  

Dr. Mizock also loves mentoring students in research activities. She has published over 20 articles and a book on multicultural issues in research methodology. She has conducted research with a wide range of participants who have encountered stigma related to transgender identity, mental illness, racism, and weight. She uses mixed methods to integrate quantitative and qualitative study in order to gather rich, complex data. She welcomes students who are interested in doing research to join her.

Scholarly Activity (* - student co-researchers) 


Mizock, L., & Russinova, Z. (Accepted proposal). Acceptance of mental illness: Promoting recovery among culturally diverse groups. Oxford University Press.  

Mizock, L., & Harkins, D. (2012). Researcher race: Social constructions in the research process. Information Age Publishing, Cultural Psychology Series. Foreword by Jill Friedman & Gene Combs. Preface by Jaan Valsiner.  

Recent Publications (since 2013)

Mizock, L., Russinova, Z., & Millner, U. (In press). Barriers and facilitators to the acceptance process for individuals with mental illness. Qualitative Health Review.

Mizock, L., Harrison, K., & Russinova, Z. (In press). Lesbian, Gay, and Transgender Individuals with Mental Illness: Narratives of the Acceptance Process. Journal of Gay and Lesbian Mental Health.

Anthony, W., & Mizock, L. (In press). Evidence-based processes for evidence-based practices in an era of recovery and community integration. Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin.

Ellison, M., Anthony, W., Rogers, E. S., Lyas, A., & Mizock, L., (In press). Implementing and evaluating goal setting in a statewide psychiatric rehabilitation program. Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin.

Mizock, L., & Russinova, Z. (In press). Intersectional stigma and the acceptance process of women with serious mental illness. Women and Therapy.

Mizock, L., Russinova, Z., & Millner, U. (2014). Acceptance of mental illness: Core components of a multifaceted construct. Psychological Services, 11(1), 97-104.

*Mizock, L., & Rowland, D. (2014). Transgender identity and sex reassignment surgery. Cultural Sociology of Mental Illness, Andrew Scull (Ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.  

*Mizock, L., & Harrison, K. (2014). Ageism and aging among older adults with mental illness. Cultural Sociology of Mental Illness, Andrew Scull (Ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.          

*Mizock, L., Covello, C., & Ferreira, C. (2013). Transgender students with disabilities. Pedagogy and the Human Sciences, 1(3), 24-32.

Mizock, L., & Russinova, Z. (2013). Cultural factors in the process of acceptance among individuals with serious mental illnesses. Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin, 56(4), 229-239.

Mizock, L. (2013). Psychiatric rehabilitation services for serious mental illness. In Michael Shally-Jensen (Ed.), Mental Health Care Issues in America (pp. 667-673). Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO Press.

Recent Conference Presentations (since 2013)

*Mizock, L., Russinova, Z., Smith, K., & DeCastro, S. (2014, August). Overcoming Stigma and Promoting Recovery: Photovoice for People with Serious Mental Illness. American Psychological Association Annual Convention. Paper presentation.Washington, DC.

Carr, E., Mizock, L., Davis, T., & Wang, S. (2014, August). Women with Serious Mental Health Problems: Increasing Awareness and Social Justice. Roundtable discussion. American Psychological Association Annual Convention. Washington, DC.

*Mizock, L., Lundquist, C., Hopwood, R., & Merryman, R. (2014, August). Coping with Transphobia to Promote Resilience Among Transgender Individuals. Paper presentation. American Psychological Association Annual Convention. Washington,  DC.

*Mizock, L., Russinova, Z., & Harrison, K. (2013, August). Transgender individuals with psychiatric disabilities: Narrative inquiry into the developmental process of acceptance. American Psychological Association Annual Conference. Honolulu, HI. 

Carr, E., Mizock, L., & MacNamara, M. (2013, August). Supporting mothers in training and early career: Feminist advocacy and social justice perspectives. Roundtable Discussion. American Psychological Association Annual Conference. Honolulu, HI.  

Courses Taught
General Psychology
Abnormal Psychology
Clinical Psychology Seminar
Behavior Management
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