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Telegram & Gazette (5/13/13)
Worcester State University used to churn out teachers, but now its most popular major is business. Thanks to the generosity of an alumnus, Robert K. O’Brien ’58, who followed an entrepreneurial path, WSU students are being rewarded for following in his footsteps.
Thai Educators visit Douglas public schools
Blackstone Valley Tribune (4/22/11)
Four educators from Thailand, accompanied by Dr. Margaret Kerr, Chemistry Professor from Worcester State University, visited Douglas Intermediate Elementary School and Douglas High School on Tuesday, April 12.

Adrienne Smyth, an adjunct professor of biology at Worcester State College, began her studies at Poutwater Pond bog while a graduate student in 2005, comparing and contrasting bog pollen samples for her senior thesis.
Telegram & Gazette (6/17/10)
Plunk. Plunk. Plunk. Plunk. One bucket at a time, aquatic life returned Monday to Lake Ellie on the Worcester State College campus.  
Telegram & Gazette (2/9/10)
Worcester State College has received its first research grant from the National Institutes of Health for a three-year research project that will look at the factors controlling the formation of blood vessels.
Woodland destruction surveyed

The Worcester State College senior is one of several students working with assistant geography professor William J. Hansen to try to make sense of the destruction caused by the storm.
WSC professor goes 'green' in Thailand

Worcester State College Professor Margaret Kerr is in Thailand this summer, teaching a graduate course in "green chemistry."
'Hobbit' was a dwarf with large feet
NatureNews.com (5/6/09)
It is a fascinating specimen — a combination of puzzling features never seen together before," says Jeremy DeSilva, a palaeoanthropologist at Worcester State College.

Our Ancestors Were No Swingers
Science Now (4/13/09)

To try to get a leg up on the issue, Jeremy DeSilva, an anthropologist at Worcester State College in Massachusetts, filmed wild chimpanzees as they scaled trees in Uganda's Kibale National Park.

Early Humans Were Poor Climbers
Live Science (4/13/09)
The evidence: Early humans lacked the ankle structure that assists chimps in climbing, according to anthropologist Jeremy DeSilva of Worcester State College in Massachusetts.

Hidden Scientific Research at Worcester State
Worcester Business Journal  (5/11/09)
A group of about 20 biology students, under Professor Brad Bryan, have just finished up a cancer biology class where their experiments focused on whether a synthetic small molecule known as Y27632 would have an effect on cancer.
The Volume Factor: Study Reveals Worcester Noise
Worcester Medicine (Nov/Dec. 08 issue)
Christopher Noonan '08, Professor William Hansen, and Renee Marion '07 had an article published in the November/December issue of Worcester Medicine on a noise study they conducted as part of the NSF Green Campus grant.
Regional Digest
Telegram & Gazette (7/31/08)
The Worcester-based Stoddard Charitable Trust recently awarded Worcester State College a three-year, $200000 grant to buy equipment for the college’s green chemistry program. 
Green thinking is important, including at the molecular level
Telegram & Gazette (4/23/08)
Op-Ed piece by Chemistry Professor Margaret Kerr



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