• Richard E. Sullivan

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    Office S-304H
    A.B., Providence College;
    M.A., Boston College
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    Richard Sullivan is a graduate of Providence College, 1959, receiving a Bachelor's degree in Letters. He earned a Master's degree in English from Boston College in 1966. He has taught at St. John's High School, Anna Maria College and at Worcester State College since 1968.

    A beneficiary of the lecture system himself, he does not find it aberrant that he share what he knows with the students in that format. They, however, are encouraged to offer their insights, ask, and answer questions. To provide students an ample stage upon which to express their selves, display their talent, and hone their research and interpretive skills, he typically assigns investigations that involve gathering knowledge from reputable sources, and applying it to pour light upon a dark phrasing or passage in a story or poem.

    Yes, he is a dyed-in-the-wool New Critic except he has not yet ascertained where the text ends and those territories begin which have been ruled off-limits as a source of explicatory illumination. He understands the problem, however, of how background information can entice a reader from the actual text and not give it a chance to speak for itself. Any articles he might write would be very nuts and bolts and not likely to vaporize any paradigms. Richard knows a bit about Edgar Allan Poe but even more enjoys slightly earlier English literature, especially that of Dryden, Pope and Swift. He welcomes the myriad current schools of Theory but loathes their terminology, most of which can be put in plainer English, he bets.

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