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SGA Auction


The proceeds from the SGA Auction will be donated to the following Worcester Organizations:

The Mustard Seed

The Mustard Seed is a Catholic workers soup kitchen that provides meals to anyone in need from the Worcester area.  They also provide emergency food supplies for people at anytime, no questions asked and no identification required.  Children, families, and the elderly are helped by the shelter and anyone is welcome.  The Mustard Seed is run completely on donations from the Worcester community and the proceeds from the SGA Auction is a major portion of their funding for their summer program.

For more information about the Mustard Seed, please call (508) 754-7098.

       Abby's House 

Abby's House provides many services to those women and children in need in the Worcester area. They have emergency shelter services as well as an advocacy program to assist women in establishing stability and independence for themselves as well as their children.  78 units of affordable rental housing is also available for women and children.  Abby's House also hosts celebratory feasts during holidays and provides counseling and other services in their facilities.

For more information about Abby's House, please call (508) 756-5486 or visit www.abbyshouse.org.

      Sherry's House

Sherry’s House is a place where kids and their families from all over the Central New England community can come and receive the support and encouragement they need to fight childhood cancer, together.  It proudly serves as Command Central in caring for our 330 existing Why Me families, providing them with the social, emotional, logistical, educational, and financial support they need, day in and day out, to overcome childhood cancer.  Sherry’s House is the greatest asset in helping to comfort and care for children and families, throughout the treatment process and well beyond, greatly increasing our capacity to serve.

For more information about Sherry's House, please call (508) 757-7734 or visit www.whyme.org.

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