Additional Learning Opportunities

  • Scholarship and Research

    At Worcester State University, we pride ourselves on a long legacy of excellence in the classroom. After all, we have been focused on high-quality teaching since we began as Worcester Normal School in 1874. More and more, however, we recognize the importance of reinforcing student learning with experiences outside the classroom—in the studio, the laboratory, and the library, for example. That’s why we work tirelessly to offer a broad range of opportunities to participate in faculty-led scholarship projects.

    Scholarship and research benefit society, but they also can boost your career. A demonstrated capacity for conducting research can enhance your value in the marketplace. A recent study indicated that 93% of employers are looking for individuals with demonstrated capacity to think critically, communicate clearly, and solve complex problems. In fact, the study revealed that employers find those skills more important than a candidate’s undergraduate major.

    Financial support from private donors, foundations, and corporations for academic pursuits—from equipment purchases to program seed grants—enables us to offer you myriad opportunities for hands-on research and creative exploration. As a result, members of our faculty—dedicated to serving as mentors—have greatly increased the work that they do with students on experimental research, on scholarship using primary materials and sources, and in original creative work.

    Research with real-world relevance

    At Worcester State University, we value your curiosity and drive to explore a topic of academic interest through research and creative projects. We encourage you to dedicate yourself to research that you find compelling and relevant. Here are a few of the topics our students have explored recently with in-depth research in the lab and out in the field:

    • A Review of Myocarditis Immunosuppressive Therapies
    • The Effect of Antibiotics on the Microbial Diversity of Salt Marsh Soil
    • What’s in Your Apples? Testing for Pesticides
    • Phosphate Analysis of Water Bodies in Central Massachusetts
    • Re(meme)bering the 2016 Presidential Election
    • Disproportionate Over-Identification of English Language Learners as Language Impaired
    • Bank Marketing Campaign: Predicting Customer Response
    • Inhibition of Nuance in a “Fast-Food Facts” World
    • Self-Esteem, Generational Status, and LOC in Relation to Stress and Well-Being
    • Translation Practice: Building a Community Garden in Worcester

    Each year, Worcester State recognizes the accomplishments of hundreds of our scholars and researchers at the Celebration of Scholarship and Creativity. The exposition features poster presentations, panel presentations, publications, and artistic exhibits from across the curriculum, bringing the entire university community together to celebrate scholarly achievement and creative excellence. The event provides an overview of the dedication, innovation, and intellectual effort of our students and of the faculty who mentor them.

  • Academic Affairs Faculty Grant Program
    This grant program promotes scholarly and creative pursuits. Established in 1999, the program distributes significant funding for faculty projects focused on research, creative activities, teaching, and advising, as well as, a University Advancement-funded special summer program for faculty-directed summer research by undergraduates.
    The Student Research Grant Fund
    The Worcester State Foundation has established the Student Research Grant Fund to provide up to $10,000 annually to support undergraduate student research, scholarship, and creative activity. If you are a matriculated, full-time or part-time undergraduate at Worcester State University, you’re eligible to apply for the funds. Obtain a grant application from the Office of University Advancement, Academic Affairs, or your academic department.