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Dear Worcester State University Student:


Scholarship assistance at Worcester State University is a partnership between donors who fund scholarships and applicants who receive them. Thanks to the growing support of generous individuals and organizations, the number of scholarships available to WSU students continues to expand.


We are grateful to our generous donors whose support benefits hundreds of talented students at WSU each year, and we are proud of our scholarship recipients who exemplify WSU traditions of perseverance and hard work.


As you review the list of available scholarships, keep in mind that some awards are restricted to specific academic majors while others are open to students in any major. Scholarship award amounts vary. Where noted, “full annual tuition” means the in-state tuition for the academic year in which the scholarship is to be awarded. All scholarships, unless otherwise noted, REQUIRE full-time enrollment for both semesters for the academic year in which they are to be awarded.


Feel free to apply for as many scholarships for which you feel qualified. Our new online application system requires that you complete a three-step process: (1) submit a general application, (2) submit a 500-word essay about why you need scholarship assistance, and (3) submit a unique explanation about why you would be the most deserving recipient of a scholarship you apply for. (Click here for some tips on composing your application essay and explanations.) Applications are typically accepted during February and March.


Please direct any questions about the application process to the Office of Institutional Advancement.


We appreciate your interest in scholarship assistance at Worcester State University. Be assured that we will give your application careful attention.




The Scholarship Committee

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