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Admission Requirements

After meeting applicant criteria for the Worcester State University Graudate School, the School Psychology Program utilizes multiple criteria for consideration for admission:

  1. A completed transcript of all past educational experiences and documentation of the award of a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education.
  2. An overall undergraduate grade average of B.
  3. An undergraduate major or concentration in Psychology*.
  4. Completion of the MTEL (Communication and Literacy Skills only) encouraged.


Please note that the application deadline for the School Psychology Program is March 1st.


For general admission requirements for the Graduate School at Worcester State University, please click here.


*Students may be admitted to the program from a variety of academic backgrounds. However, it is expected that an appropriate number of courses in psychology may be required in the initial phases of training. The program director reserves the right to determine those courses to be taken. This preparatory coursework will not directly apply to the course requirements for the CAGS in School Psychology.

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