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Planting Olive Trees: Envisioning Worcester at 600
October 24, 2013

Over the past year, I've had conversations with several hundred people about Worcester. You may not realize it, but in October 2013, Worcester is celebrating its 300th year as an occupied settlement. This important anniversary has sparked my thinking about Worcester: where it is today and the possibility of shaping a vision of Worcester 300 years from now. WorcesterConnects.com

WSU wants to boost social entrepreneurship
September 1, 2013

For several decades, it's been increasingly popular to blame government for our problems. However, without government, there are plenty of things — such as policing, firefighting and filling in potholes — that would never get done, because doing those things does not generate a profit for shareholders.

Thanks to the popular pressure to cut government, some of those unprofitable jobs have not been getting done. And into that gap have arisen so-called social enterprises — organizations that do social good, such as fighting poverty — while sustaining themselves through the way they offer goods and services.

Worcester State University believes that Worcester needs more social entrepreneurship. Matthew Johnsen, an associate professor and chairman of the school's department of sociology, is director of WSU's Center for Social Innovation. In an Aug. 29 interview, he said, "This new Center for Social Innovation is part of a larger effort by the university under President Barry Maloney to become even more engaged with the city and its future." Telegram & Gazette (Subscriber access may be required.)

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