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The Center for Social Innovation has shared leadership, an advisory body, and a variety of affiliated faculty, associates, fellows, and organizational partners.


Mathew Johnsen, Ph.D., is an associate professor and chair of the Sociology Department. Prior to his academic career, he directed several organizations that provided services to persons with developmental disabilities, including ARC/MA and ARC/NC. He also has significant research experience and has evaluated the effectiveness of a range of different programs. He has a master’s in human services administration and a doctorate in sociology, with a concentration in work, industry and organizations. He has also been involved with many non-profit organizations as an executive director, board member, or officer.  He has assisted with founding several non-profit organizations.

James Harrity, M.S., Ed.D., is an educational consultant and researcher, and currently serves as president of Morsel of Clay, Inc.  a non-profit dedicated to educational excellence with equity and advocating a community-based model for school improvement. He has also been a builder and a real estate developer.

Advisory Body: We are developing a 12-person advisory board includes community leaders and activists, representative from the City of Worcester, internationally recognized social entrepreneur leaders, and representative from Worcester Consortium of Colleges.

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Affiliates: There are several ways individuals and organizations can be engaged with the Center for Social Innovation.

Affiliate Faculty

Pat Donavan

Amy Ebbeson, M.S.W. (Public Health, Next Step Program coordinator)

Anne W. Gathuo M.B.A., M.S., Ph.D. (Urban Studies, Non-Profit Management)

Miriam Plavin Masterman M.B.A., Ph.D. (Business)

Rodney Oudain, M.M., D.B.A. (Business)

Associates are faculty partners or community partners with an interest in this area who would agree to work on one or more projects of the center over the course of a year.

Fellows are individuals at the graduate or post-doctoral level with an interest in social entrepreneurship who would utilize the Center’s resources as the basis of their continuing research interests. 

Interns are undergraduate students who would provide directed research assistance for one or more projects under the direction of the director or an associate. 

Community Partners are organizations that are interested in partnering with, receiving or providing assistance to the Center for Social Innovation. They could be engaged in ongoing educational opportunities, research and the development of case studies.

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