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Major and Minor Requirements

Requirements for a Major in Sociology

The sociology curriculum is designed to provide students with an appropriate frame of reference, through the systematic study of human society, for both social participation and

the scientific evaluation of human behavior. The major begins the preparation of students who plan careers in sociology or related areas such as social work and human services.


Admission Requirements: Admission to the Sociology major is based on maintaining acceptable grades in the general foundation requirements and interest in the field of sociology. Interested persons may contact the Chair of the Sociology Department for further information. Upon admission, each major is assigned an advisor and receives an orientation in sociology.


Requirements for a Major in Sociology: 30 credits including:


·         SO 100 Introduction to Sociology

·         SO 270 Social Theory I

·         SO 275 Social and Behavioral Statistics

·         SO 280 Research Methods of Sociology

·         A maximum of two courses at the 100 level

·         A minimum of three courses at the 300 and/or 400 level


All courses taken beyond the minimum requirements will be credited as electives.

Requirements for a Minor: 18 credits including:


·         SO 100 Introduction to Sociology or

·         SO 110 Cultural Anthropology


All prerequisites for 300 and 400 level courses must be met if the student wishes to elect courses at these levels.

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