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What can you do as a sociology major?

Sociology majors have many options.  Unlike some the curriculum in some areas of study, which may prepare students for a single profession, the skills sociology majors acquire apply to a wide range of As  A Sociology Major professions.  People who major in sociology work in banking, social services, community work, business, health care, customer service, publishing, journalism, public relations, marketing, survey research, government and education (Ferrante, 2009).  In addition, sociology majors may continue their education in graduate schools in a number of disciplines and professions including sociology, law, medicine, business, social work and education.

Many students believe that employers want to hire people with specific majors.  However, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (2008), employers are more interested in an applicant's attitude and the skills he or she brings to the job.    Once you declare a major in sociology, like all college students, you must work to focus your career goals and to acquire the skills you need to meet those goals. 

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