• Stephen A. Morreale

    Contact Information
    Office LRC-L120A

    A.A.S., Grahm Junior College
    B.S., University of Massachusetts-Boston
    M.P.A., Golden Gate University
    D.P.A., Nova Southeastern University

    Dr. Steve Morreale serves as Chair and Associate Professor with Worcester State University. He is also affiliated with Walden University and Roger Williams University. Dr. Morreale serves as the lead consultant and major case coordinator for a Medicare Program Safeguard Contractor. Steve has trained and consulted for police agencies, healthcare systems and providers across the U.S., conducted internal inquiries for health professionals, has conducted compliance and management reviews.

    Dr. Morreale served in law enforcement for 30 years, having retired as Assistant Special Agent in Charge for U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Investigations, Office of Inspector General. For nearly 20 years, he served with the Drug Enforcement Administration, serving as a special agent and managing agent as well as serving with the Dover, New Hampshire Police Department the U.S. Army Military Police Corps.

    While at HHS-Investigations, Steve supervised and coordinated complex and far-reaching investigations focusing on healthcare fraud, which included pharmaceutical, PDMA and pricing fraud. He also oversaw investigations into false reporting, schemes to defraud various health care programs, grant and research fraud, obstruction of audits, obstruction of justice, contract fraud, contractor and provider fraud, conflicts of interest, and substandard quality of care leading to serious harm or death.

    He received the Distinguished Service Award from the Secretary of U.S. Health and Human Services and a Certificate of Recognition from the President’s Council on Integrity and Ethics for his role in responding and leading a team of agents to assist in disaster relief and recovery at the site of the World Trade Center attacks in September of 2001.

    Dr. Morreale holds a Doctoral degree from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale and lectures and publishes regularly in the area of policing, health care fraud, leadership, decision making and ethics.

    Stephen A. Morreale
  • Courses Taught
    • Law Enforcement and Society
    • Introduction of Criminal Justice
    • Criminal Justice Administration
    • Strategic Planning
    • Principles of Investigation
    • Drugs, Crime and Society
    • Cybercrime and Identity Theft
    • Elder Fraud and Abuse
    • Technology in Criminal Justice
    • Contemporary Issues in Policing
    • Impact of Social Media on Criminal Justice
    • Senior Seminar (now Criminal Justice Capstone)
    • Fraud Examination
    • Organized Crime and White
    • Economic Crime
    • Private Security and Loss Prevention
    • Leadership 
    • Leader development 
    • Decision-making 
    • Organizational change 
    • Criminal justice education 
    • The Scholarship of Teaching 
    • Ethics 
    • Policing 
    • Health-care fraud
    • Assessing Hiring Preferences and Discipline Orientation of Criminal Justice Programs, with James E. McCabe, Sacred Heart University, Journal of International Criminal Justice Research, September 2014.
    • Procedural Justice as a Predictor of Police Legitimacy and Cooperation with the Police, with Dr. Angela Workman-Stark, Athabasca University and Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Law Enforcement Executive Forum, v. 14, No. 1, March 2014,
    • Gang Injunctions: A Tool to Control Gang Activities, with Dr. Matthew D. O’Deane, Law Enforcement Executive Forum, March 2012, vol. 12, No. 1.
    • Pracademics and Academics in Criminal Justice Education, ACJS Now, January 2012.
    • Homeland Security and the Police Mission: What’s Changed as We Move Away from 9/11? Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, with Dr. David E. Lambert 2010.
    • An Interdisciplinary Approach to Course Delivery: Fraud Examination Course Shared by the Criminal Justice and Business Department at Worcester State College with Dr. Laurie Dahlin, WSU Business and Economics Department, published in Proceedings of the Northeastern Business and Economics Association, November 2009.
    • Higher Education in the Continuum of Training and Education and Keeping Management/Leadership Training Relevant and Current: From Supervisor to Chief, Stephen A. Morreale with Robert McKenna, J.D. and Dr. P.J. Ortmeier, Law Enforcement Executive Forum, May 2007.
    • The State of Health Care Fraud in America, Journal of Health Care Compliance, November/December 2005.
    • Quality of Care, Journal of Health Care Compliance, August, September 2005.
    • The Importance of Ethical Leadership, with Dr. Laurie Dahlin, Compliance & Ethics, Volume 1, No. 2, November 2004.
    • The Importance of Ethical Leadership: Can Leadership and Ethics be Taught? Presentation of paper at Northeast Business and Economics Association, Parsippany, NJ, with Dr. Laurie Dahlin, Worcester State College. Published in Proceedings, October 12, 2003.
    • Transformational Leadership in Law Enforcement. Presentation of paper at Association of Employment Principles and Practices Conference, October 12, 2002, New York City. In Proceedings within Employee Rights and Responsibilities, October 2002.
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    • Aiming for Excellence and Leadership Workbook for Assistant Regional Inspector’s General, Training Workbook used in training at Charleston, SC and Monterrey, CA. 2000 & 2001.
    • Law Enforcement Leadership: Literature and Practice, Training Workbook used at Law Enforcement Leadership Institute, St. Anselm College, 2002.
    • Controlled Substance Field Manual, 1995 Edition, Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council, contributing writer, Steroid Abuse.
    Honors and Grants
    • Fulbright Scholarship, Specialist Program, Public Administration and Criminal Justice U.S. Department of State (pending site selection), 2013
    • President’s Council on Integrity and Efficiency for Response to site of World Trade Center Twin Tower Collapse on September 11, 2001
    • Distinguished Service Award, Secretary of U.S. Health and Human Services, 2002