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Over two hundred members of the campus community participated in the University's strategic planning process.  Five subcommittees were tasked to explore specific strategic opportunities associated with the following aspects of the University: academics; assessment; communications; finance; technology, buildings, and grounds ("infrastructure"); and student life.  Minutes from the Strategic Planning Steering Committee are available for your review.
Below are the final work plans developed by the subcommittees.  The information contained in these plans was summarized and transferred to a comprehensive strategic planning matrix to simplify presentation and tracking.  These detailed work plans, though, will be consulted on an ongoing basis as the full strategic plan is implemented. 

The strategic planning matrix provides a summary view (in Excel format) of the entire strategic plan.  This view is a working document that records specific strategic plan initiatives, along with their divisional and project manager owners.   Prior iterations of these summary views are located in the Matrix Archive directory.

Strategic Planning Glossary.


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