• Student Research Highlights

    At Worcester State University, we value the curiosity and drive which leads students to explore a topic of academic interest through research. We recognize the importance of reinforcing student learning with experiences outside the classroom. Each year, Worcester State recognizes the accomplishments of hundreds of our scholars and researchers at the Celebration of Scholarship and Creativity, but here we highlight a few key examples of student-led research.

    Latest Projects

    Student ResearchAisiku Interdisciplinary Grant Funded Undergraduates Investigating Local Partridgeberry Growth

    Researching the Biotic and Abiotic Factors Affecting Partridgeberry Growth

    July 2020: Six Worcester State undergraduate science majors are researching biotic and abiotic factors on partridgeberry growth. The project is funded by the Aisiku Interdisciplinary Science Grant awarded to PIs Dr. Aleel Grennan, Dr. KC Murphy, and Dr. Douglas Kowalewski. Adam Bengston, a senior chemistry major, is studying the volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, that the flowers of the partridgeberries emit, which attract pollinators. The biology team, which consists of seniors Julia Fitzgerald, Joseph Pryor, and Lucas Horan, are observing these pollinators in the field. They are also studying the ecology where partridgeberries are located. Finally, Briana Chang, a sophomore environmental science and biology major, and Melanie Meadors, a senior geography/earth science major, are looking at the abiotic factors in the sites where partridgeberries grow, including investigating changes in soil moisture, temperature, and soil chemistry.