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Student Ambassadors benefits include:

·         The opportunity to learn from and work with the Worcester State University President, Board of Trustees, Worcester State Foundation, and Alumni.

·         Networking with University and community leaders to enhance interpersonal and group communication, as well as professional and social skills.

·         Networking opportunities with distinguished alumni, donors and friends of the University.

·         Gaining confidence and HAVING FUN working with other talented student leaders.

·         Members will be provided with official WSU attire for their personal use when representing the University.

·         Compensation. Participation should be viewed as an honor, but as this position is first and foremost a job, Student Ambassadors will be paid.

·         Developing a lifelong, rewarding and reciprocal relationship of service and giving with their alma mater.

·         Student Ambassadors will receive training in the following areas:

o    Professionalism

o    Etiquette

o    Leadership

o    Philanthropy

o    Public Relations

o    WSU history and current University priorities

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