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Expectations of an Ambassador 


Students must:

  • Be a currently enrolled undergraduate at Worcester State
  • Maintain at least a 2.7 cumulative GPA
  • Have at least twelve (12) completed credits at Worcester State
  • Maintain good judicial and academic standings
  • Be available to start this program in the Fall of 2014


Responsibilities and Expectations:

Mandatory Bi-Weekly Meetings

Attend all regularly scheduled bi-weekly meetings during the academic year which will be held every other Tuesday at 3:00pm. You are allowed one excused absence per semester, however you must notify the coordinator in advance. This does not include class schedule conflicts.

Attend all Mandatory Events

If you sign-up for an event, we expect you to be there on time and stay for the entire assigned shift. Leaving early or coming late for any reason other than class schedule will not be allowed.

Meet the Minimum Event Requirement per Month

Hours will vary depending on the time of year, and events can take place during evenings and weekends.

Respond to all E-Mail Communications!!

Be Part of the Team

Active participation in the group is expected. Our team will not function effectively without every one's cooperation. You should always display a positive and cooperative attitude at all events and meetings.

Demonstrate Professionalism

Conduct all Ambassador business in a professional manner in-person and online. Wear Ambassador clothing and name tags to all events, unless otherwise specified by the coordinator.

Have a Favorable Semester Performance Review

Each Ambassador will meet with the staff coordinator at the end of each semester to review their performance.

Failure to adhere to these responsibilities and expectations will result in either a reduced semester salary or your termination from the program.

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