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What are Student Ambassadors

The purpose of Student Ambassadors is to:

  • Serve as student representatives of the University before a variety of important constituent groups as requested by the President.

  • Represent the University on- and off-campus and online positively, professionally and accurately at all times.

  • Represent and promote the Worcester State student body at special events both on- and off-campus.

  • Represent Worcester State in the surrounding community and actively participate in community-service projects.

The goals/responsibilities of Student Ambassadors are to:

  • Enhance the reputation of the University and present ideas and suggestions that will improve the campus for generations to come.

  • Attend social functions, provide tours with visiting dignitaries, and speak about student life and academic experiences.

  • Inform prospective students, parents, and visitors about Worcester State’s mission, campus resources, and campus life.

  • Give campus visits credibility by being genuine and sincere with visitors. Make campus visitors feel welcome, comfortable, and well-informed. 


The commitments of Student Ambassadors include:

  • Attend mandatory bi-weekly meetings

  • Attend mandatory special on- and off-campus events

  • Lead campus tours

  • Demonstrate a willingness to learn historical and general interest information about the University

  • Show active campus involvement

  • Work as a team member and actively participate in all Ambassador events

  • Develop a connection with Worcester State to strengthen engagement as an alumnus or alumna

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