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Our Mission:  Student Ambassadors are a stellar group of students sanctioned by the President’s Office to knowledgably promote the positive image of Worcester State University through leadership and interpersonal relations.

2013 Ambassadors

Back row: Timothy White, Gwendolyn Bois, Amanda Babb, Diego Mendes Alves. Middle row: Breeyn Green, Courtney Chapin, Nida Hakim, Carmella Kurris, Debora Dias, Rachel Kish. Front row: Kerri Coughlin and Virginia Eliya. Not Pictured are Laura Henriquez and Tasneem Zawahreh 



- Applications begin Febuary 12, 2014 and are due on March 28, 2014

- Interviews will begin in the spring, date March 31 - April 18, 2014

- Training will take place in August, Date TBA

- Program begins in Fall



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