• We Speak Up Bystander Intervention

    We Speak Up. Every person can have an impact in preventing sexual violence, relational violence, gender based discrimination or harrassment, stalking or retaliation. Each of us can send a clear message that we as a community, will step up to prevent and intervene in incidents that may be harmful to an individual or our community.

    Remember the 3Ds to bystander intervention:

    • Distract from the incident. Cause a diversion.
    • Delegate to other friends, faculty or a staff member to help.
    • Directly intervene by outreaching to the impacted individual for support, or to stop the individual engaging the problematic behavior or comments.

    If you witness or experience any type of sexual or relational misconduct, or gender based discriminatory behavior, report it.

    Together, we can create a healthy and safe campus environment.

    Learn More

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    Jennifer Quinn M.Ed., CHES, CTTS
    Director of Title IX
    Drug and Alcohol Education Prevention
    Student Center
    Office SC338

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