• Urban Studies

    If you are passionate about developing an in-depth understanding of the complex challenges facing our increasingly urban world, you will find unique opportunities in the Urban Studies Department at Worcester State University. We are the only urban studies major in the Massachusetts state university system and one of only a handful in New England.

  • Our diverse faculty includes public administrators and managers, social workers, policy specialists and researchers, anthropologists, and historians. Our challenging, interdisciplinary course of study emphasizes strong research and writing skills, critical thinking, creative problem solving, and experiential learning. Our department also houses two institutes, CityLab and the Urban Action Institute, that give you one-of-a-kind opportunities to conduct research with faculty in collaboration with the community.

    You can take advantage of our evening courses. In fact, you can complete our urban studies major program entirely at night, if that best suits your lifestyle. If you are looking to specialize in a specific area of interest, we offer concentrations in public administration and planning, social work and policy, and community service.

    We also offer a convenient, high-quality nonprofit management graduate program in which you can prepare for leadership positions in the local and national non-profit sectors, international nongovernmental organizations, and the public sector. And through our 4+1 program, you may qualify for both a bachelor’s degree in urban studies and a master’s degree in nonprofit management within 5 years.