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The Department of Urban Studies internship is a culminating (capstone) experience for Urban Studies majors that links their academic achievements with work in the "real" world.  The internship is approximately 40 field hours per credit (3-credit internship = 120 work hours; 6-credit internship = 240 work hours). The internship is open to students having completed 21 credits in Urban Studies, or with permission of the chair and the instructor.

There are many kinds of internships available through the Department of Urban Studies that align with student interests. Talk with department faculty members about the different possibilities.

Before registering for an internship, students must complete the required university internship contract. That contact has to be signed by the agency at which you will be placed. In other words, you have to have the internship planned and secured before registering.  In turn, that means looking for internships early in the Fall semester for a Spring internship is highly encouraged.

In addition to the field component, students enrolled in an internship will meet in group and individual sessions with other interns and the faculty advisor. Group meetings of the interns are designed to facilitate the students' reflective processes about their internships in an informal, supportive environment. In these meetings, students will explore their experiences in the field; suggest interpretations of what the experience means; pose, define, and solve problems together; engage in critical analysis; and articulate their knowledge gained. The format is informal and requires active participation and self-directed learning by each of the participants. Each meeting will allow a check-in period for students to share accomplishments, questions and/or problems from their internship experiences. In meetings with the faculty advisor, students can explore more senative issues and review progress to ensure the best possible internship experience.

For more information go to our internship website.

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