• Vrinda Kalia 

    Contact Information
    Office S-241D

    B.A., Jesus and Mary College
    M.A., Ph.D., Clark University
    Vrinda Kalia Portrait

    Area of Specialization
    Dr. Kalia is interested in examining the role of social context in cognitive development. She is especially interested in studying the role of culture and interpersonal interaction in the development of thinking and meaning making in both children and adults. Dr. Kalia has examined the relationship between language and thought in various cultural groups – Spanish-English bilingual children, Indian bilingual children, American bilingual adults, and Indian bilingual adults. She uses both traditional experimental methods and observational methods (i.e. studying development as it takes place in schools, classrooms, and homes) in her research. 

  • Courses Taught
    • PS 320 Development of Thinking and Knowing
    • PS 312 Psychology of Adolescence
    • PS 325 Psychology of Learning
    • PS 307 Applied Research Methods
    • PS 405 Independent Study
    • PS 297 Research in Psychology 
    Selected Publications
    Makeba Parramore Wilbourn, Laura E. Kurtz and Vrinda Kalia (2011) The lexical stroop sort (LSS) picture-word task: A computerized task for assessing the relationship between language and executive functioning in school-aged children, Behavior Research Methods

    Vrinda Kalia and Elaine Reese (2009) Relations Between Indian Children’s Home Literacy Environment and Their English Oral Language and Literacy Skills, Scientific Studies of Reading, 13, 122-145.

    Vrinda Kalia and Ann Weatherall (2009) “When Mister Right comes along”: Gender and ethnic identity in narratives from spontaneous Indian New Zealander mother-daughter conversations, Qualitative Research in Psychology, 6, 219-232.

    Vrinda Kalia (2007) Assessing the Role of Book Reading Practices in Indian Bilingual Children's English Language and Literacy Development. Early Childhood Education Journal, 35, 149-153.

    Mariana Barcinski and Vrinda Kalia (2005) Extending the Boundaries of the Dialogical Self: Speaking from within the feminist perspective, Culture and Psychology, 11, 101-109.
    Honors and Grants
    Selected Presentations
    Daniel Rowland*, Erin Donohue*, Kristyna Manley*, and Vrinda Kalia (2013) Who’s to blame? Examining the effects of cognitive reappraisal on decisions about blame. Poster presentation accepted to the annual convention of the Association for Psychological Sciences, to be held in Washington, DC.

    Vrinda Kalia, *Erin Donohue, Maria Laura Valdes, and Makeba Parrmore Wilbourn (2013) “The frog jumped on his head…” Examining perspective-taking, language development, and executive function in dual-language learners. Poster presentation accepted at the biennial meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, held in Seattle, WA.

    Vrinda Kalia and Seth Surgan (2013) Teaching conceptual synthesis in a collaborative environment. Paper presented at the meeting of the International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association (HETL Conference), held at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida.

    Vrinda Kalia, Makeba Parramore Wilbourn, Carlene Mitchell and *Erin Donohue (2012) Cultural differences in narratives and reading achievement in African American children. Poster presented at the Boston University Conference on Language Development (BUCLD-37), Boston, MA.

    *Erin Donohue, Carlene Mitchell, Vrinda Kalia and Makeba Parramore Wilbourn (2012) The examination of narratives by dual language learners. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the New England Psychological Association (NEPA), Worcester, MA.

    *WSU undergraduate student co-author