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About Us

Sustaining craft as a vital part of our community.

The Worcester Center for Crafts is New England's Center for crafts education, advocacy and entrepreneurship.  Established in 1856 as the Worcester Employment Society, the Center forged a tradition for economic empowerment by teaching immigrants the skills needed to create and sell crafts.

Today, The Worcester Center for Crafts is a non-profit, independent, community based arts organization, committed to providing quality craft education, supporting entrepreneurship in the arts, and promoting an appreciation for fine craft.

On July 1, 2009 the Worcester Center for Crafts forged an alliance with Worcester State University.  Beginning in January 2010, University and community began sharing studios at 25 Sagamore Road.   

As a part of its mission, The Worcester Center for Crafts is committed to:

• teaching all ages and abilities

• inspiring individual artistic growth

• fostering creative problem solving and imagination

• supporting expert faculty and well-equipped studios

• offering diverse and well-planned programming

• reaching out to new audiences through special events and

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