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The Ceramics Studio of the Worcester Center for Crafts is a 4,000 sq/ft facility with an additional 1,200 sq/ft of outdoor kiln area.  The studio offers a broad range of classes from entry level to advanced, through one-day workshops and multi-week sessions.  In addition to wheel throwing, glaze, and hand-building studio areas, there are three semi-private studios for Resident Artists.

Equipped to support a range of ceramic forming and finishing processes including throwing, slip-casting, clay sculpture, tile making, glaze development, mold making, and ceramic design.  A wide range of kilns and firing types are available including raku, electric oxidation, gas reduction, sodium vapor and wood fueled kilns.  The main studio areas are open and well lit by natural skylights, as are the studios for the resident artists.


New Kiln Room 2014

Classes are offered year round, for youth and adults in six and twelve week sessions.  From working with the potter’s wheel to hand-building, students develop their clay working skills utilizing high-fire stoneware or porcelain, finished in cone 10 reduction* firings.  Specialized classes in wood firing, sodium vapor firing and raku are offered at intervals throughout the year, as are special topic classes and workshops focusing on a range of topics from glaze development to the low-fire pallet, and studio practices.


Electric Kilns 2014

Faculty Throwing

The Faculty is made up of skilled artists who practice what they teach in their own studios, and have received national recognition through the exhibition and sale of their work.  Many have MFA degrees and bring decades of teaching experience and commitment to community education.

Raku Pull

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Artists:  Pam Cole, Ginny Gillen, Kristen Kieffer, Lori Mader, Rose Esson Dawson, Tom O’Malley


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