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Andrea L. Dottolo, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor

Department of Psychology

Office: S-241A

Phone: 508-929-8616

Email:  adottolo@worcester.edu

Scholarship in Women’s Studies – Selected journal publications/ book chapters/ books etc.

Dottolo, A.L. (submitted for publication). “Migrations of race: 
Italian-American whiteness and ethnic identities.” VIA: 
Voices in Italian Americana.

Dottolo, A.L. & Stewart, A.J. (submitted for publication).
     “I never think about my race”: Psychological features of
     white racial identities. Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority

Dottolo, A.L. & Stewart, A.J. (2008).  “Don’t ever forget now,
     you’re a Black man in America”:  Intersections of race, class
     and gender in encounters with the police.  Sex Roles, 59,

Stewart, A.J. & Dottolo, A.L.  (2006). Feminist psychology. 
Signs: Journal of women in culture and society, 31(2),

Stewart, A.J. & Dottolo, A.L. (2005). Socialization to the
     academy:  Coping with competing social identities.  In
     Downey, G., Dweck, C., Eccles, J. & Chatman, C. (Eds.),
     Navigating the future:  Social identity, coping and life tasks,
(pp. 167-187). New York: Russell Sage.


Dottolo, A. & Lutenski, E. (2002). Understanding white
     subjectivity:  Strategies for building antiracist feminist politics.


Scholarship in Women’s Studies – Selected conference presentations


Association for Women in Psychology Conference, Newport,
     RI, March 2009 “Silencing sexuality:  Baring homophobia
     and heteronormativity,” presenter

The Sopranos:  A Wake, Fordham University, New York,
     May, 2008  Wops & WASPS:  Using The Sopranos to
     Teach about Race and Racism

Association for Women in Psychology Conference, San
     Diego, CA, March 2008 “Feeling like a freak:  Working
     class narratives from inside academia,” presenter

Association for Women in Psychology Conference,
     Philadelphia, PA, February 2004“Feminist Journeys
     toward Embodied Theories,” presenter

International Society of Political Psychology Conference,

     Boston, MA, July 2003 “Socialization to the Academy: 

     ‘Coping’ with Marginalized Social Identities”

National Women’s Studies Association Conference, New

     Orleans, LA, June 2003 “The Sopranos in Black and

     White:  Performances and Representations of Race

     and Racism,” presenter  and “Multinational Women’s

     ‘Movement’:  Paramilitaries, Prostitutes and Humanitarian

     Assistance,” moderator

National Women’s Studies Association Conference,

     Las Vegas, NV, June 2002

“The good, the bad, and the ugly”: How Feminists Contend

     with Vying Ideals of Feminism and Normative Beauty

     Standards” and “Feminist Community Politics: An

     International Approach to the Intersection of Women, Power,

     Politics and Change,” moderator

Selected talks on campus, in the consortium, local community, related to Women’s Studies

“Diversity Across the Curriculum,” with Dr. Champika K.

     Soysa Worcester State  College, October 2008,

     Sponsored by the Center for Teaching and Learning; 

     Liberal Arts & Sciences Curriculum Committee  


Invited lecture, College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA,
February 2008 “I never think about my race”:  Understanding
     white racial identities Sponsored by the Women’s Studies
     Program and the Department of Education

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