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Beth S. Russell, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Department of Psychology


Office: S-242C

Phone: 508-929-8452

Email:  brussell@worcester.edu

Scholarship in Women’s Studies – Selected journal publications/ book chapters/ books etc.

Russell, B. S., Soysa, C. K., Wagoner, M., & Dawson, L. (2008). Teaching prevention on sensitive topics: Key elements and pedagogical techniques. Journal of Primary Prevention, 29 (5), 413-433.

Russell, B. S., Britner, P. A., & Woolard, J. L. (2007).  The promise of primary prevention home visiting programs: A review of potential outcomes.  Journal of Prevention & Intervention in the Community, 34 (1/2), 129-147.

Russell, B. S., Trudeau, J. J., & Britner, P. A. (2008). Intervention type matters in primary prevention of child abuse: Event history analysis results. Child Abuse & Neglect, 32, 949-957.

Russell, B. S., Alpert, L., & Trudeau, J. J. (2008). Child abuse prevention during infancy: Intervention implications for caregivers’ attitudes towards emotion regulation. Accepted for publication in the Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment

Scholarship in Women’s Studies – Selected conference presentations

Russell, B. S. (2008, August). Prevention in the classroom: Pedagogy and results. In B. S. Russell (Chair), Pedagogical practices on interpersonal violence. Symposium presented at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association, Boston, MA

Russell, B. S. & Dawson, L. (2009, April). Teaching on child abuse and neglect: Balancing rigor with accessibility. Poster presented at the biennial meetings of the Society for Research on Child Development, Denver, CO.

Russell, B. S., & Britner, P. A. (2003, November). Home 
        Visitation as a child maltreatment
prevention   model. In
        T. W. Miller (Chair), Domestic violence: Critical issues for
        Connecticut practitioners. Symposium conducted at the 
        annual meeting of the Connecticut Psychological
Association, Westbrook, CT.

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