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Department of Psychology

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Scholarship in Women’s Studies – Selected journal publications/ book chapters/ books etc.




Mosher-Ashley, P. M., & Barrett, P. (1997).  A life worth living: Practical strategies for reducing depression in older adults. Baltimore, MD: Health Professions Press


Journal articles:


Mosher-Ashley, P. M. & Lemay*, E. (2001). Suggestions to improve residents' life satisfaction. Nursing Homes, 50 (5), 50-54.


Charbonneau*, D. & Mosher-Ashley, P. M. (2002). Comparison of age and gender in perceptions of successful aging. Educational Gerontology, 28, 823 – 833.


French*, E.M., and Mosher-Ashley, P.M. (2000). Factors affecting college students' attitudes toward residential care facilities. Educational Gerontology, 26, 583-603.


French*, E.M., Wiener, C.B., and Mosher-Ashley, P.M. (2000). Referral patterns of elderly persons to psychotherapy by primary care providers at a community health center. Clinical Gerontologist, 21, 65-71.

Kelly*, L. M. & Mosher-Ashley, P. M.  (2001). Combining reminiscence with journal writing to promote greater life satisfaction in an assisted living community. Activities, Adaptation, & Aging, 26 (4), 35-46.


Robertson*, S. & Mosher-Ashley, P. M. (2002) Patterns of confiding and factors Influencing Mental Health Service Use in Older Adults. Clinical Gerontologist.26(1/2),101-116.


Scholarship in Women’s Studies – Selected conference presentations


Chew*, B. A. & Mosher-Ashley, P. M. (2007, March) Seniors to the rescue: A little assistance to elderly people who live alone. Paper presented as part of a resource exchange at the joint conference of the American Society on Aging and National Council on Aging in Chicago, IL.


*WSC students

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