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Sharon R. Yang

Associate Professor

Department of Languages and Literature

Office: S-304

Phone: 508-929-8711

Email:  syang@worcester.edu


Scholarship in Women’s Studies – Selected journal publications/ book chapters/ books etc.


The X-Files and Literature:  Unweaving the Story, Unraveling the Lie to Find the Truth (editor) Cambridge Scholars Publishers, August 2007.


“The Woolf Who Cried Wordsworth:  Subversion of The Prelude in Jacob’s Room” (Summer, 2004 in Mid-West Quarterly).

“The Sage Felicia and the Grave Melissea: The Diana’s Inspiration of Wroth’s Defense of Women in UraniaANQ. 16.2 (Spring 2003):  5-14.

“Shakespeare's Rosalind as Paragon of Victorian Womanhood” Text and Performance Quarterly.  22.1 (January 2002):  24-46.

“More Renaissance Woman than Romantic:  Revision of the Pastoral Ideal in the Poetry and a Devoir of Emily Brontë.” English Language Notes. 39.1 (September 2001): 51-70 .

All’s Well That Ends Well.”  The Explicator. 50.4 (Summer 1992):  199-202.

As You Like It:  Imagination as the Symbolic Bond between Artist and Audience.”  University of Portland Review. 37.2 (Fall 1985):  9-19.

Participated in a review survey of The Norton Anthology of Literature for Women (2002).

Scholarship in Women’s Studies – Selected conference presentations

Chair of the Session:  “Women and Representation” at 2007 NEPCA Conference, October, Worcester, MA.

“A Jungian Reading of Fritz Lang’s The Secret Beyond the Door” presented in the session “Jungian Approaches to Literature and Film,” the 2001 NEMLA Conference, March, Hartford. 


“‘The Truth Is Out There’ in Elsinore:  Scully and Mulder as Horatio and Hamlet” presented for the Seminar “It Came From Shakespeare,” 2000 Shakespeare Association Conference, April, Montreal.  


“‘Sermons in Stones’:  As You Like It and the Nineteenth-Century Quest for Spiritual Comfort” presented for the Seminar “Shakespeare and the Victorians,” 1998 Shakespeare Association Conference, March, Cleveland.

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