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Steven H. Corey, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair of Urban Studies

Department of Urban Studies

Office: S-129F

Phone: 508-929-8633

Email:  steven.corey@worcester.edu

Scholarship in Women’s Studies – Selected journal publications/ book chapters/ books etc.

The American Urban Reader: History and Theory, with Dr. Lisa Krissoff Boehm, Routledge, 2010); an anthology of urban life that integrates women’s history with other forms of social and urban history, as well as sociology, geography, and other social sciences.

Scholarship in Women’s Studies – Selected conference presentations

"NAGging City Hall: Neighbors Against Garbage (NAG) and a Century of Environmental Activism in New York City." Paper presented at the session Urban Environmentalism and Public Health: Lessons form the Turn of Two Centuries in New York (session organizer), for Into the Next Millennium: The Past and Promise of Environmental History, first annual meeting of the American Society for Environmental History, Tacoma, Washington, March 16-19, 2000.

“Not in Our Neighborhood: Citizen Opposition to Waste Disposal Facilities in New York City, 1918-1994.”  Paper presented at Science, Technology and Industry, special symposium at the XXth International Congress of History of Science, Liege, Belgium, July 20-27, 1997.  


“‘With Babies in Their Arms’: Protest, Scientific Inquiry, and Sanitary Landfill in New York City, 1934-1948.”  Paper presented at Government, Science, and the Environment, the biennial meeting of the American Society for Environmental History, Baltimore, Maryland, March 6-9, 1997.

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