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Joining Honors

First-Year Students: Potential Honors candidates are identified during the Admissions process, based on High School GPA and SAT scores. Qualified candidates will be invited to opt into the program as incoming freshmen. There is no special application form. Typically students have a minimum SAT score (minus the writing portion) of 1100, and high school GPA of 3.2 or higher. Some Worcester State or Massachusetts merit scholarships also may qualify a student to be considered for a slot in the incoming freshman Honors cohort, although you are not required to join Honors if you receive a scholarship. In a typical year we accept about 80 students into the Honors program.

Currently Matriculated WSU Students: Enrolled WSU students may apply in to the Honors Program with a college GPA of 3.5 or higher after their first semester, and if accepted would be required to take at least 6 honors courses. Interested students should complete the online form (click "Forms" in the left sidebar).

Transfer Students: We welcome the interest of transfer students who have demonstrated a strong academic record at their previous institution. In addition, all students who were enrolled in an honors program at a Massachusetts public community college or state university are automatically welcome to join the WSU Honors program. Up to three of their previous honors courses are transferred into the Honors program at WSU to count towards completion of your 6 required honors courses. Interested transfer students should complete the online form (click "Forms" in the left sidebar) and send a copy of their transcript for review. Students must have maintained a GPA worthy of honors work at their last institution (3.5 or above).

Program Requirements

The core program requires completion of seven honors courses (21 credits) normally taken during the student’s freshman and sophomore years. This is modified to 6 courses if the student joins the program after the freshman fall semester. Honors courses generally fulfill the University's LASC or major/minor requirements and must be passed with a grade of B or better. Honors classes may not be taken on a pass/fail basis.


  • Fall of First Year: Honors FYS + EN 250 = 2 Honors Courses
  • Spring of First Year: 2 Honors Courses
  • Fall of Second Year: 2 Honors Courses
  • Spring of Second Year: 1 Honors Course
  • Junior or Senior Year: Commonwealth Honors Scholar Project – see below

Honors status is also maintained by attending at least 2 Honors events per semester, and maintaining an overall 3.2 GPA.

Commonwealth Honors Scholars

We encourage all WSU Honors students to take the extra step of becoming a Massachusetts Commonwealth Honors Scholar. This is a statewide opportunity across all the public colleges and universities. As a Junior or Senior, you will conduct a project of significant original research or artistic achievement (usually within the context of your major) and present it in a public forum such as an undergraduate research conference or our campus-wide Celebration of Scholarship and Creativity in the spring. Being a Commonwealth Honors Scholar brings additional recognition at graduation, and—more importantly—provides you a chance to integrate your college learning in a meaningful capstone experience.

To become a Commonwealth Honors Scholar, please complete the Application Form for Commonwealth Honors Scholars by October 15 for fall projects and February 15 for spring projects.

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