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Extraordinary Dedication

The 2010 Extraordinatry Dedication awardees are: Cherie Milosh, Christina Petruzzi, Ramsay MacInnes, Sandra Olson, Dr. Andrea Bilics and Dr. Maryann Power. Each employee is presented the award by their area vice president and the president.

(L to R) Dr. Charles Cullum, President Janelle Ashley and Extraordinary Dedication awardee Cherie Milosh.
(L to R) Thomas McNamara, President Janelle Ashley and Extraordinary Dedication awardee Christina Petruzzi.
(L to R) Jack Reardon, President Janelle Ashley and Extraordinary Dedication awardee Ramsay MacInnes.
(L to R) Kathleen Eichelroth, President Janelle Ashley and Extraordinary Dedication awardee Sandra Olson.
(L to R) Dr. Charles Cullum, President Janelle Ashley and Extraordinary Dedication awardee Dr. Maryann Power.
(L to R) Dr. Charles Cullum (Academic Affairs), President Janelle Ashley and Extraordinary Dedication awardee Dr. Andrea Bilics

Retirement and Employee Service Recognition Event 
This year's event was held on May 12, 2010, at 3 p.m. in the Student Center Blue Lounge. For a pdf of the program, click here.
Retiring from Worcester State College
(L to R) Professor Francis Amory, Nicole Brown, Dr. C. Kenneth Gibbs, Dr. Melvin Merken, Rosemary Waszkiewicz, President Janelle Ashley, Professor Robert Shafner, Linda Sweeney, Ruth Webber
Not Pictured: Charles Oroszko and Edna Spencer
45-Years Milestone
(L to R) Professor Bernard Guarini, President Janelle Ashley,
Professor Bruce Cohen

40-Years Milestone

(L to R) Krishna DasGupta, Dr. Alan Cooper, President Janelle Ashley, Dr. C. Kenneth Gibbs, Elizabeth Axelson, Judith St. Amand, Mary McNamara

Not Pictured: Dr. Surindar Parcer, Professor Francis Booker,
Professor Charles Wasilko

35-Years Milestone

Dr. Maureen E. Power (L) and President Janelle Ashley

Not Pictured: Margaret Gentile

30-Years Milestone

(L-R) Gail Monroe, Joyce Bubon, President Janelle Ashley,
Joyce Danelius, Thomas White

25-Years Milestone

(L-R) Professor Catherine McNeil, President Janelle Ashley,
Dr. Richard Kimball, Ms. Carole Cronin

Not Pictured: Professor James Swanson

20-Years Milestone

(L-R) Laura Murphy, Karen Lavalle, Kathleen Keegan, Dr. Christie Nigro, Dr. James Lyons, President Janelle Ashley, Sheila Jones 

Not Pictured: Dr. Pearl Mosher-Ashley, Dr. Ruth Haber, Gail Miller, Dale Belliveau

15-Years Milestone

Front Row: Catherine Novick, Dr. Steven Corey, Dr. Lori Dawson, Karen Tessmer, Susan Rainville, President Janelle Ashley, Marie Velez, Dr. Mary Lynn Saul

Back Row: Dr. James Foley, David Lindberg, Richard Korzec,
Dr. Margaret Hart, Rosemary Waszkiewicz, Professor Robyn Leo

Not Pictured: Stephen Annunziata, Patricia Roy, Joan Tomasino,
Dr. Joanne Gallagher Worthley

Ten-Years Milestone

Front Row: David St. Martin, Dr. Lisa Boehm, Dr. Nancy Brewer,
Dr. Julie Frechette, Dr. Sharon Yang, Jennifer English,
Ramsay MacInnes, Donald Hochstetler

Back Row: Robyn Marcin, Dr. Aparna Mahadev, Dr. Karl Wurst, Gerald Sorge

Not pictured:  Dr. Joseph Baratta, Dr. Guillermina Elissondo,
Dr. Peter Holloran, Dr. Margaret Kerr, Dr. Margarita Perez,
Dr. Emily Soltano, Dr. Kristin Waters, Ezequiel Ayala,
Kevin Kristolaitis, Allen Price, Ernesto Rosa

Five-years Milestone
Front Row: Patricia Lebreton, Margaret Picard, Valerie Kelley, President Janelle Ashley, Louise Storey, Joan Safford, Linda Donahue
Back Row: Dr. William Hansen, James Driscoll, Dr. Anne Gathuo,
Dr. Patricia Marshall, Steve Chao, John Meany, Pedro Toro,
James Mournighan, Matthew Caswell

Not pictured: Dr. Charlotte Haller, Dr. Francisco Lamelas,
Dr. Emmanuel Emeka Nneji, Dr. Rodney Oudan, Professor Amaryllis
Siniossoglou, Dr. Roger Towne, Dr. Marc Wagoner, Dr. Catherine
Wilcox-Titus, Daniel Ayala, Nancy Cruz de Pineiro, Richard Curtis,
Roger Cusson, Leslie Daniels, Peter Fenuccio, Steve Flaherty,
Stephanie Formica, Bernard Galeckas, Tara Hancock,
James Lockwood, Dianne Matos, Melissa Moore
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