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Extraordinary Dedication Awards

The 2012 Extraordinary Dedication awardees are: Richard Oberist, Richard Korzec, Dr. Laurie Dahlin and Dr. Daron Barnard. Each employee is presented the award by their area vice president and the president.

(L to R) Kathy Eichelroth, Richard Oberist (Facilities), President Barry Maloney.

(L to R) President Barry Maloney, Ann Veneziano-Korzec (Communication Sciences and Disorders), Kathy Eichelroth. Richard Korzec (Facilities) was awarded a 2012 Extraordinary Dedication Award posthumously and it was accepted on his behalf by his wife Ann Veneziano-Korzec.

(L to R) Dr. Charles Cullum, Dr. Laurie Dahlin (Business Administration and Economics), President Barry Maloney.
(L to R) Dr. Charles Cullum, Dr. Daron Barnard (Biology), President Barry Maloney.

Retirement and Employee Service Recognition Event

This year's event was held on May 9, 2012, at 3 p.m. in the Student Center Blue Lounge. For a pdf of the program, click here.


  Retiring Employees

Retiring employees with President Barry M. Maloney: First row, from left, Emmett A. Shea, professor of History and Political Science (1962-2012); Dr. Andrea J. Wallen, professor of Nursing (2006-2012); Dr. Nancy J. Brewer, associate professor of Health Sciences (2000-2012); Dr. Maryann C. Power, professor of Communication Sciences & Disorders (1979-2011); and Dr. Elaine G. Tateronis, dean of the School of Education, Health and Natural Sciences (1996-2012).

Second row, from left: President Maloney, Elizabeth Axelson, director of Admissions (1970-2012); Lucille D. Houde, clerk III for the History and Political Science Department (1985-2012); Sheila A. Jones, staff assistant for the Student Affairs office (1989-2012); and Dr. Pearl Mosher-Ashley, professor of Psychology (1989-2011).

   Forty-five-Year Employees

Forty-five-year employees: Dr. Maureen C. Stefanini (Business Administration and Economics) with President Maloney. Not pictured: Professors William A. Belanger (Physical and Earth Sciences).

Thirty-five-Year Employees

Thirty-five-year employees with President Maloney: Dianna M. Aquafresca (Career Services), Carolyn M. Mathews (Library), and Mariann Saulenas (University Technology Services). Not pictured: Betsey J. Brenneman (Library).

Thirty-year Employees 

Thirty-year employees with President Maloney: Karen M. Annucci (Multicultural Affairs) and Mary E. Serrano (Academic Success Center).

Twenty-five Year Employee

Twenty-five-year employee with President Maloney (right): Professor Jacqueline Brennan (Occupational Therapy).

Twenty-year Employees

Twenty-year employees with President Maloney (left): Professor Michael C. Hachey (Visual and Performing Arts), Dr. Stephanie Chalupka (Nursing). Not pictured: Dr. Wei-Pang Lee (Business Administration and Economics) and Julie C. Carmel (Fiscal Affairs)

Fifteen-year Employees

Fifteen-year employees with President Maloney: Front Row: Dr. AnnMarie Samar (Nursing), Margaret Shagro (Financial Aid), Dr. Anne Falke (Chemistry), Dr. William O’Brien (Business Administration and Economics), Dr. Carol Donnelly (Worcester Center for Crafts), Paul A. Ferraro (Facilities), Carol A. Faron (Human Resources), Dr. Elaine G. Tateronis (School of Education, Health and Natural Sciences), Dr. Bonnie Kanner (Psychology), and Dr. Susanna E. Meyer (Communication Sciences and Disorders). Not pictured: Dr. Carlos I. Fontes (Communication), Louise M. Hale (Library), Janice C. Hamel (University Technology Services), Dr. Kyle Martin (Visual and Performing Arts), and Dr. Juan B. Orbe (World Languages)

Ten-year Employees

Ten-year employees with President Maloney: (l to r) President Maloney,  Dr. Augustus N. Luparelli (Business Administration and Economics), Dr. Joan D. Mahoney (Business Administration and Economics), Dr. Sibyl M. Brownlee (Student Affairs), Professor Kathryn Baldor (Nursing), Dr. Barbara Zang (Communication), Dr. Amy L. Cota-McKinley (Psychology), and Dr. Maura Pavao (Biology). Not pictured: Dr. Patricia Benjamin (Physical and Earth Sciences), Dr. Margaret P. Bouchard (Education), Dr. Diane Cooke (Education), Rachel Faugno (Public Relations and Marketing), Dr. Robert C. Fink (Business Administration and Economics), Dr. Suzanne R. Gainer (Communication), Israel Gonzalez (University Police), Dr. John Goodchild (Chemistry), Arthur J. Goulet (Facilities), and Dr. Audrey Wright (Education)

Five-years Milestone

Five-year employees with President Maloney: First row, from left, Dr. Robert W. Smith (History and Political Science), Kenneth A. Smith (Institutional Research), Alison K. Majeau (Library), Marjeta Skenderi (University Police), Second row, from left: President Maloney, Dr. Stephen A. Morreale (Criminal Justice), Joshua L. Katz (Residence Life and Housing), Dr. Matthew C. Johnsen (Sociology), Dr. Fortunata S. Makene (Sociology), and Dr. Elizabeth J. Wark (Business Administration and Economics). Not pictured: Professor Maryellen D. Brisbois (Nursing), Andrew Calcutt (University Technology Services), Wayne W. Dorazio (Facilities), Dr. Allison L. Dunn (Physical and Earth Sciences), Dr. Elizabeth A. Engquist (English), John A. Gaucher (University Technology Services), Dr. Stephen Healy (Physical and Earth Sciences), Daniel F. Jefferson (Facilities), William Marrier (University Police), Dr. Stacey Parker (Visual and Performing Arts), Gail Tebo (University Police), Steven J. White (University Technology Services), and Dr. Janice G. Yee (Business Administration and Technology)

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