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Instructions for completing authorization for employment form


Please note that there are two types of employment that are documented on this form.  (Click HERE for Chart of Titles.[PDF]

1. Student at Worcester State University 
    (Institutional Work-Study - IWS).

This category is reserved for Worcester State University Students who are working for the university and being paid by institutional or university funds. Students in the IWS category may work up to 15 hours per week during the school year and up to 30 hours per week when school is not in session. IWS students must fill out Section A (completely) of the form and must also complete an I-9 and W-4.

2. All Others:
   (Regular 03): State Employees, (Benefited/Contributes to
   State Retirement), State Retirees and None of the Above.

This category is reserved for all non-student, non-benefited employees, including students from other colleges and universities. These employees are referred to as Regular 03s.  The maximum number of hours for people in this category is 18.5 per week during the school year.  Regular 03s must fill out Section A (completely) of the form and also complete the following:

1. I-9 (Photocopies establishing Identity and Right to Work must be taken by a Full-time WSU employee who must complete Section B and sign it.)
2. W-4
3. Application form
4. Declaration of Physical or Mental Handicap form
5. Equal Employment Opportunity form
6. Disabled Veteran and/or Vietnam Era Veteran form
7. Emergency Information Form
8.  Medicare Tax Withholding Declaration Form

Please keep all required supporting documents together with the Authorization for Temporary/Part-Time Employment. If the above forms are already on file with HR, only the Authorization form needs to be filled out. All temporary/part-time employees who fall into the "none of the above" status on line 5, Section a. are required by Federal Law to enroll in the Alternate Retirement Plan prior to the release of any pay checks. Enrollment forms will be sent by and should be returned to the Payroll Office.

Paychecks can be picked up at the Bursar's Office according to the biweekly payroll schedule.

Any exceptions to the above must be approved by the Director of Human Resources.

Ethnic Classification Codes:

01 Native American
02 Asian/Pacific Islander
03 Black, non-Hispanic
04 Hispanic
05 Cape Verdean
06 White, non-Hispanic
07 Other/Unknown

Important:  Maximum hours of work per week are not guaranteed.  IWS are 03 employees who work as needed and may not exceed the maximum number of hours without approval of the Director of Human Resources.  If any of the information on the form is missing, it will be returned to the requester.

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